Gela Pur C and Gela MP (brandnames)

Technical information

Collagen hydrolysis products for improved technological and sensorial properties :
Gela Pur C and Gela MP (brand names)

Gela Pur C yields excellent results for all baked liver preparations and reduces the loss after baking from 7 % to 3 %, i.e. a 4 % saving, provided that 2 % Gela Pur C is added immediately after the product preparations have been started.

Gela Pur C or Gela MP provides an improvement of the technological and sensorial properties of all heated meat and cutter preparations as to their firmness for cutting, their colour fastness, the enhancing flavour of added herbs. It also offers a higher nutritional value, given the high protein content of the composed milk products.

In salami preparations, Gela Pur C results in a lower aw-value, a shortening of the ripening process by 3 tot 4 days and a clear colour distinction compared to all other salami preparations which do not contain Gela Pur C.

Gela MP is a pre-mix containing pure meat proteins and gives all meat preparations a noticeably enhanced meat and/or liver taste. It increases the natural protein content by 1 % and allows 3 % more liquid to be added, provided that a natural thickening, such as carrageen, is also added.

Both branded products can be used in the entire meat processing industry, in a 50/50 proportion, depending on the product preparation concerned.

If you wish to receive samples, please send a fax to :
0032 9 374 07 47, with indication of the product for which you wish to receive a sample.

Collagene-hydrolyse products for improved technological and sensorical properties:
Gela Pur C and Gela MP (brandnames).


Without PH Liquid Buffersystem and without Gela Pur C

With PH Liquid Buffersystem and with Gela Pur C

With Gela Pur C: 2%.